Reduce Bruising and Swelling and Speed Recovery after Facelift

The dosage regimen of SINECCH™ was custom-designed to match the level of bruising and swelling that many patients experience during facelift recovery.

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Facelift Recovery

SINECCH™'s ability to reduce bruising during facelift recovery has been proven clinically.  A 2006 study published in the major plastic surgery journal, the American Medical Association’s Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, described how SINECCH™ use among facelift patients significantly lessened post-operative bruising.

A computer imaging program was used to objectively determine the amount of bruising and associated skin color changes in 29 patients, all of whom underwent the same surgical facelift procedure performed by the same doctors.  Photographs were taken of the patients on post-operative days (PODs) 1, 5, 7, and 10.  One group of patients received SINECCH™ according to the SINECCH™ protocol, and the other patients received a placebo (sugar pill) according to the same protocol. The patients didn't know whether they were taking SINECCH™ or the placebo, and neither did the plastic surgeon who assessed the bruising with digital imaging during the facelift recovery period.

Overall, the placebo group had 24 percent more bruising than the SINECCH™ group and took 50% longer to recover from the surgery.

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The Difference in Bruising on PODs 1 and 7 Was Statistically Significant

On POD 1, the placebo group had on average 26 percent more square centimeters (cm) of bruising than the SINECCH™ group.  The probability of this result happening by chance (the P-value) was analyzed and found to be less than 0.005 — that is, it was less than 5 chances out of 1,000. It is extremely unlikely that this result was simply by chance. The reduction in bruising was 7 square inches less one day after the surgery among the patients who took SINECCH™.

On POD 7, the results were 41 percent more square cm of bruising in the placebo group (P<0.001, less than 1 chance out of 1,000 that this was due to chance).  This amounted to an average of 9 square inches less bruising on the face among the SINECCH™ users a week after the facelift.

Many plastic surgeons in the United States routinely give their patients SINECCH™ to help reduce bruising and swelling during the facelift recovery period — for good reason.  Contact Alpine Pharmaceuticals to learn more about the clinically proven benefits of SINECCH™ or clink a link below to learn more about SINECCH™'s benefits after cosmetic surgery:

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