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Order SINECCH™ for surgical recovery

One package of the natural Homeopathic Remedy SINECCH™ ( Arnica


Montana) contains 12 capsules and is designed to treat one patient for one surgery.  The capsules are taken three times a day for four days, starting the day of surgery.

Order SINECCH™ online now by clicking on the “order” button below.  One package of SINECCH™ is $29.95; add the shipping charge determined below.

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The natural Arnica Montana Homeopathic Remedy SINECCH™ is prepared by Alpine Pharmaceuticals in accord with the FDA's regulations for Homeopathic preparations.


Order SINECCHi™ for a faster recovery after injections, fillers and minor surgical proceduressinecchi_box_v3

One package of SinEcchi™ contains 4 capsules and is designed to treat
the minor bruising and swelling associate with minor procedures. The capsules are taken every 6 hours for 24 hours, starting at the time of the procedure.

One package of SinEcchi™ is $12.95. 

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SHIPPING SERVICE, DELIVERY TIME, AND SHIPPING CHARGES for shipments from Alpine Pharmaceuticals in San Rafael, California:

Priority Mail
UPS Ground
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3–5 business days
3–10 business days
2nd Day 2–4 business days
1–3 business days

$16.00 (Alaska, Hawaii $35.00)
$34.00 (Alaska, Hawaii $49.00)

(Alaska, Hawaii extra, available to Oahu only; other islands use UPS 2nd Day)

Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Availability: SINECCH™ and SINECCHi™ usually ship the next business day.

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Contact us to learn more about SINECCH™, Arnica Montana, or Alpine Pharmaceuticals.  When you need the highest-quality, high strength Homeopathic Arnica for reducing swelling and bruising, use SINECCH™ and SINECCHi™ and see the difference for yourself.

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