Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about SINECCH™, a Natural Homeopathic Arnica Remedy

We understand that the use of a natural Homeopathic Remedy may be new to you, or perhaps this is simply the first time you've heard of SINECCH™.  We're happy to address all of your questions.  Here are a few of the more frequently asked questions (FAQs) about SINECCH™ and its uses, but please feel free to contact us directly with any questions or concerns.

Do I need a prescription to order SINECCH™?

No, you do not need a prescription to order or take SINECCH™.  You can contact Alpine Pharmaceuticals to order SINECCH™ yourself, or your physician may give you SINECCH™ as part of your treatment. Although most Homeopathic Remedies do not require a prescription, there are differing strengths of dosages for any given remedy. The dosage of Homeopathic Arnica Montana in SINECCH™ is not available from sources such as health food stores or online.

The FDA regulates the manufacture of all Homeopathic Medicines and has determined that Homeopathic Arnica and SINECCH™ are so safe that they can be sold without a prescription.

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What is a "natural Homeopathic Remedy"?

Homeopathy is based on the treatment of “like with like.” Very tiny doses of plant, animal, or mineral material that could cause symptoms of illness in a healthy person are used to treat the same symptoms in a sick patient.  The remedy is like the symptoms, in a sense.

The idea of treating “like with like” dates back to the ancient Greeks, and was revived by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann in the early 1800s.  A patient's symptoms are used to determine the best Homeopathic Remedy for the treatment, according to the “law of similars.”

In the treatment of chronic disease, a natural Homeopathic Remedy is meant to treat an individual’s overall state of health, and thus each person requires a remedy that is suitable for his or her own unique state of illness.  No two people are alike, and therefore each person is treated as a unique case.

When treating bruising and swelling after accidents, injury, or surgery, however, a single remedy, Arnica, may be prescribed for a specific set of symptoms.  Since almost everyone has a very similar response to these types of trauma, we can prescribe Homeopathic Arnica, as SINECCH™, for all patients with bruising and swelling from accidents, injuries (e.g., sports injuries), or surgery (e.g., oral surgery or cosmetic surgery) and other applications.

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Are Homeopathic Remedies completely safe?

As is true with any other substance — medicinal or not — if Homeopathic Remedies are used incorrectly, they can cause a person discomfort or even harm.  When used properly, Homeopathic Remedies are remarkably safe.  No deaths due to a properly used natural Homeopathic Remedy have been recorded in the major medical online databases.  In contrast, some 200,000 calls are received each year by U.S. Poison Control Centers regarding aspirin and acetaminophen.

Pre-operative doses of Homeopathic Arnica should be limited. SINECCH™ has only one pre-operative dose.  We have heard that some patients are being told to take Homeopathic Arnica from health food stores for one or more weeks before surgery. There is a warning in the Homeopathic and plastic surgery literature that suggests that, at most, only a few doses of Homeopathic Arnica should be taken pre-operatively.  If too many doses are taken prior to surgery, there may be a paradoxical tendency to increase bleeding during surgery.

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Is Arnica toxic?

The herb Arnica Montana is toxic. The Homeopathic Medicine made from Arnica Montana is NOT toxic, due to the small doses of Arnica used in Homeopathy.

Herbal doses are commonly found to be large enough to provide physiologically active levels of pharmacologically active constituents of the herb.  In contrast, Homeopathic doses rarely provide sufficient quantities to yield adverse effects.  In accordance with classic rules of pharmacology, the smaller doses seen in Homeopathic preparations may exhibit the reverse effect of the larger doses used in herbal medicine. However, even Homeopathic doses may be cumulative over time. Prolonged pre-operative dosing regimens of Arnica Montana, for example, may increase intra-operative bleeding, whereas the single pre-operative dose used in the SINECCH™ protocol has NEVER been reported to increase intra-operative bleeding.  Prolonged pre-operative dosing is not necessary with SINECCH™, since SINECCH™ contains an appropriate Homeopathic dose of Arnica Montana for the significant level of trauma seen in plastic surgery, general surgery, and trauma patients.

Alpine Pharmaceuticals recommends against using herbal forms of Arnica Montana in either oral or topical forms.

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Does the FDA regulate Homeopathic Remedies?

Yes, the FDA (the U.S. Food and Drug Administration) classifies Homeopathic Remedies as drugs, and therefore regulates Homeopathic Arnica just as they regulate pharmaceutical drugs.  In fact, the FDA decided that Homeopathic Arnica is so safe that they regulate it as an OTC (over-the-counter) drug.  SINECCH™ is produced in Alpine Pharmaceuticals' FDA-regulated pharmaceutical manufacturing laboratory in Northern California.

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What exactly is a bruise, and how is it caused?

Bruising (ecchymosis) occurs when blood vessels such as small capillaries are injured, perhaps by a fall or an injury that doesn't break the skin.  This trauma allows blood to seep into the surrounding tissue, resulting in the blue or purple discoloration.  Nearly all surgeries result in internal bleeding due to the small blood vessels cut open during surgery.  Several forms and strengths of Homeopathic Arnica have been used to treat bruises, but only SINECCH™ has the dosage of Homeopathic Arnica that has been clinically proven to lessen bruising after the trauma of surgery.

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What causes swelling?

Swelling (edema) has various root causes, but its common mechanism is the accumulation of too much fluid in the intracellular spaces in body tissues.  The trauma of almost all surgeries results in some degree of swelling.  There are many potential treatments for swelling, and SINECCH™, a natural Homeopathic Medicine, will significantly reduce swelling for most patients.

We're happy to answer all questions about SINECCH™, and we love to get your feedback.  Please feel free to contact Alpine Pharmaceuticals with any comments or questions that you have.

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Will SINECCH™ treat bruising that is not the result of surgery or trauma?

No.  SINECCH™ will only treat bruising that is a result of surgery or trauma, such as falls, accidents, or injuries.  If you have bruising that is not the result of surgery or trauma, you should see your doctor.

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Will SINECCH™ treat swelling that is not the result of surgery or trauma?

No.  SINECCH™ will only treat swelling that is a result of surgery or trauma, such as falls, accidents, or injuries.  If you have swelling that is not the result of surgery or trauma, you should see your doctor.

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