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Patient testimonials

“I took the Alpine Pharmaceutical Arnica  for a toe that had no movement and caused severe pain for 50 years... I now have feeling, movement and no pain. Great stuff!"

-Augusta B., Arlington, Washington


I have a left femur fracture and began to use the product two days ago and the bruising has reduced tremendously. The bruise has faded 3 or 4 shades lighter than before using this wonderful product. Highly recommended.

- Todd P., Atlanta, GA

"I met April at a dental trade show, and she educated me about SinEcch, and the positive effects it has on swelling and bruising. I was experiencing a significant amount of swelling and some bruising 5 weeks after surgery.  I started to take SinEcch, and it was able to significantly reduce the persistent swelling and bruising. I am a huge fan of SinEcch. I only wish I knew about it sooner."

- Angela T., Scottsdale, AZ

"My daughter used SinEcch when she got her wisdom teeth pulled; helped her so much she never even had any swelling! I remembered that so when I was scheduled to have a cavitation surgery (infection from pulled tooth in bone) I made sure to get some. It was incredible and helped me get through the recovery seamlessly. I recommend it to everyone who is having any kind of surgery. It is a great product!!!"

- Mimi, San Rafael, CA

"Healing from my recent Breast lift was a breeze due to SinEcch. My plastic surgeon was so impressed with the speed of my recovery. Swelling and inflammation was not an issue and pain was reduced. I am a huge fan of SinEcch."

- Alicia, Austin, TX 

"Several weeks ago, I fell down on asphalt and developed a large hematoma on my hip and a huge, painful bruise that extended from my hip half-way down my thigh; the urgent care physician said it would take many weeks for the bruising and swelling to go away. Last week, however, I had foot surgery, and the surgeon gave me the large pack of SinEcch to begin taking the day of the surgery. After taking the SinEcch as prescribed, I was more than pleased that my foot showed very little bruising and no swelling, but what a surprise when the huge bruise on my hip disappeared in three days! I am absolutely amazed; SinEcch is a miracle. I would recommend it to anyone undergoing an invasive medical treatment--Thank you for this excellent product! (I do wish it was available at local pharmacies here in Sebring, Florida."

- Cherie, Sebring, FL

"I was given a 4 day supply and instructed how to use the product with the promise that I let you know my impressions of how it worked.  This past Friday . . . I had eyelid surgery on both eyes to correct the drooping.  I was very red and purple both on the lids and below the eye.  Today is day 5 and although there is some redness above and below the eye it is far less than would have been imagined and I am able to work and see clients.  I am extremely impressed with your product and would like to know where I could purchase some to keep at home for any emergencies."

- Elynne, Las Vegas, NV

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my profound amazement at the effectiveness of SinEccH.  I am a natural redhead and therefore bruise like no other group of people.  I have had three surgeries in the past two years; the first two I used the Arnica suggested by my doctors with absolutely no apparent benefit.  I demonstrated violent bruising each time, and it remained black and blue for four to six weeks.  Each time the yellowing stayed for weeks after that.  This last surgery I was given SinEcch to try…I was not hopeful. My surgery (a lower face and neck lift) was on 9/21/09.  Today is 09/27/09 and I have had no black or blue color for 3 days!  The residual yellowing can be covered with make-up.  This product has been nothing short of a miracle for me.  I thought I would not be able to return to work for weeks, but this product has saved me time, money, and embarrassment!  I am so impressed and grateful, I would like to offer my endorsement in any way I can.  I can’t thank you and Alpine Pharmaceuticals enough!"

- Jeannie, Orange, CA

I bought your SinEcch before my inguinal hernia repair and thought I'd try it after reading horror stories on-line about bruising, swelling and discoloration of man private parts.  Before surgery I asked my surgeon if I could try it.  He said go ahead, it seems that it can't hurt you.  The surgery went great and I'm well into my 4th day post op and, NO bruising, swelling, just minimal discoloration, only some discomfort at the incision site, I doubt whether there will be now.  All I can say is I'm amazed and I'm sure my surgeon will be as well when I see him for my follow-up.  Great product!

- Gary, Schenectady, NY