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SINECCHi™ is the only high potency Arnica made just for fillers, injectables and minor surgical procedures. Our Arnica dosing regimen will reduce the bruising and swelling you experience with produce like      and help you enjoy your results sooner. We know that our patients are recovering faster - and telling they're friends about us! We would love to hear your SINECCHi™ success story and allow us to share it with other people who are interested in a natural, safe way to recover from fillers, injectables and other minor procedures. Privacy is very important to us. If we choose your story to share on our blog, website or marketing materials we will share your information only as "First Name, City, State" and never give out your contact information.

We'd love to learn about:

- How you heard about SINECCH™

- Had you had a procedure without using SINECCHi™ before? What was different when you used SINECCHi™?

- What do you want people to know about SINECCHi™?

Thanks for sharing your success with all of us at Alpine Pharm!

SINECCHi™ Testimonial