SINECCH™ for Oral Surgery

Dental Post-Op and Post-Root Canal Discomfort, Dental Implant, and Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery

You may already have experienced swelling or even some bruising or dental post-op discomfort, whether it was following a root canal or part of your dental implant recovery or wisdom teeth removal recovery. There are many types of dental procedures that leave a patient with discomfort, swelling, and even some bruising.  For example, having teeth removed, having teeth moved for orthodontia, or having one's gums operated on may all cause a degree of trauma that can result in the same edema (swelling) and ecchymosis (bruising) as that seen in other types of surgery.  SINECCH™ can help reduce the swelling of the face and gums and the bruising of gums and skin that can occur after oral surgeries.


Dental Post-Op and Post-Root Canal Discomfort

The discomfort that sometimes follows oral surgery is often accompanied by swelling and bruising.  Whether you're experiencing general dental post-op discomfort such as that which might occur after having a tooth removed, or post-root canal discomfort following the procedure to save a tooth with root canal therapy and a crown, using SINECCH™ can help lessen the bruising and swelling, helping you get back to normal just that much faster.

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Dental Implant Recovery

Dental implants are a significant advance over traditional dental bridges, and they look and feel a lot better.  The implants are tiny titanium "fixtures" that take the place of a tooth's natural root.  A permanent tooth, custom-designed and colored, is placed over the implant.  Depending on the particular procedure, your dental health, and the number of implants, the dental implant recovery process may involve swelling and/or bruising that may last for several days after the implant surgery.  Here again, SINECCH™ can help — by reducing the swelling and bruising in the dental implant recovery equation.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery

According to The Mayo Clinic, after you have a wisdom tooth or teeth removed, swelling of your jaw, face (cheeks) is normal, and some bruising around your jaw and/or upper neck is a normal part of your wisdom teeth removal recovery.  The swelling can make it difficult for you to open your mouth fully, but this begins to subside within about three days of the surgery.  The strength of the Homeopathic Arnica Montana in SINECCH™ has been used successfully to lessen or eliminate the swelling and bruising seen during wisdom teeth removal recovery, making the recovery easier and quicker.

Often, tooth extraction patients report that they do not need to use very many of the pain pills prescribed by the dentist because they also have much less discomfort than expected.

SINECCH™ is being used as an increasingly common addition to the recovery period for many oral surgeries.  Whether for dental post-op swelling, post-root canal discomfort, dental implant recovery, wisdom teeth removal recovery, or other instances of swelling and bruising after oral surgery, SINECCH™ can help.  Contact Alpine Pharmaceuticals to learn more, or order SINECCH™ now for use with your next oral surgery.

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