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Alpine Pharmaceuticals, a Marketing Division of Hahnemann Laboratories, Inc. — We are the Arnica Experts!

Many years of experience with the Homeopathic Arnica Montana remedy SINECCH™ have shown us that SINECCH™ is a very safe and very beneficial addition to the recovery regimens for many types of surgical and non-surgical treatments. SINECCH™ can be used to help alleviate dental surgery post-op discomfort, swelling after arthroscopic knee surgery, torn ligament recovery, discomfort after Restylane® or BOTOX® treatment, and swelling after cosmetic surgery.  Clinical studies as well as surgeon testimonials have continued to accumulate in our offices, and hundreds of patients have told us of their satisfaction with SINECCH™.  Please don't hesitate to contact Alpine Pharmaceuticals (a marketing division of Hahnemann Laboratories, Inc.) if you have any questions about SINECCH™, or if you'd simply like to give us your feedback on your use of this excellent remedy for bruising and swelling.

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