High Potency Arnica in SinEcch is Crucial for Surgical Recovery

Posted by April E. on Mon, March 05, 2012

Looking to learn more about why SinEcch is so effective for your surgery and injury recovery? Blog Team Member April takes a look at some of the most important information to know about Arnica before surgery: 

  • High Potency homeopathic Arnica is the only dosage clinically proven to effectively speed healing after a major injury such as that of cosmetic surgery (Safety and Efficacy Report Arnica, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Vol. 112 No 4, September 2003, p.1164-1166)

Of the current 12 high quality, placebo-controlled scientific studies investigating the effectiveness of homeopathic Arnica to speed healing after a major injury like surgery:

  • Only the 2 high dose homeopathic Arnica studies were able to show a statistically significant reduction in bruising and swelling following major injury such as that of surgery.

These two high potency studies used SinEcch, a 1M (1000C) strength of homeopathic Arnica montana. In the University of California San Francisco Medical Center facelift study, the placebo group had 25% more bruising and it took patients 50% longer for patient's brusing to heal than the high potency homeopathic Arnica group taking SinEcch.

  • The other 10 low dose homeopathic Arnica studies were not able, on a statistical basis, to demonstrate an improvement over the placebo groups.  

These ten studies all used a low potency 30C or lower.  Low potency Arnica was not sufficient to address the level of trauma being studied. Low potency Arnica is what is widely available on the shelf now usually as a 12C or a 30C. Sometimes, though you may see a product listed as a "X" potency, rather than the letter “C” after the number.  These forms can be converted by dividing the “X” form’s number by the numeral 2 to determine the corresponding C strength.  For example, a 30X strength is equal to a 15C strength. 

With any medication, the correct dose is important to obtain the proper results.  Due to the nature of homeopathic remedies, taking multiple doses of a low potency homeopathic remedy, does not attain a higher dose of the same homeopathic medication. This is unlike dosing for conventionally manufactured drugs, where patients may take several baby aspirin to achieve an adult dose.

For more information about the clinical trials conducted with SinEcch visit our Cosmetic Surgery page here.

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April and the Alpine Pharm Blog Team

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