SINECCH™ - the Only Arnica Montana Clinically Proven to Reduce Bruising and Swelling After Surgery!

SINECCH™ (pronounced sinn' ekk) is an all-natural medicine prepared by Alpine Pharmaceuticals in accordance with the FDA's regulations for Homeopathic preparations. Made from the herb Arnica Montana, SINECCH™ is the only Arnica Montana dosage regimen that is clinically proven to significantly reduce bruising and swelling after surgery.

SINECCH™ has been safely used for hundreds of thousands of plastic surgeries over the past 17 years and has become an increasingly common treatment in many types of surgeries. Physicians and patients alike find that using SINECCH™ helps speed the post-operative recovery process by reducing uncomfortable swelling and bruising and often post-operative discomfort, as well.

What Is Arnica Montana?

Arnica Montana is an herb that grows wild in the Swiss Alps. Also known simply as "Arnica," it's been used in Europe for hundreds of years for the reduction of bruising and swelling and to shorten the recovery period after a physical trauma such as an accident, surgery or injury. SINECCH™ is a Homeopathic remedy made from Arnica Montana at Alpine Pharmaceuticals' FDA-regulated Homeopathic pharmaceutical production facility in Marin County, California. 

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